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“Kari cares about all family members involved”

“I have so much appreciated Kari’s care and concern throughout a very emotionally draining time as my mom has transitioned to inability to care for herself, and that I was no longer able to care for her on my own as I had for the last few years. Kari cares about all family members involved.
Kari expresses a sincere heartfelt compassion which I have not really encountered very often. When she first met my mom and I, and spending a great deal of time in getting to know my mom from my mom’s own internal experience, she gained the trust of my mom, and I recognized that Kari has only the best interest of the elder person and family in her heart. She epitomized the essence of professionalism.
Additionally, Kari was along for journey, with patience, support, and encouragement for my moments of grief, fear, and providing just the exact solid shoulder I had to lean on at times. She is a rare person.”
Lauren R.

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