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Mother-in-law needed placement

The social worker at a local rehab centre gave us Julie’s number at Creative Elder Care. My mother-in-law needed placement and we had three days to work with. My wife and I thought our only option was long-term care in a nursing home. My in-laws had been married 67 years and they had never been separated. However, due to Mom’s declining health status, my father-in-law could no longer care for her safely. We had called an Internet provider with no response. Julie came out to meet us and my mother-in-law within 20 minutes of the phone call. We sat and discussed her medical needs, as well as social, financial and geographic needs. We were on the road together in 45 minutes and found a nice, home-like residential care home in the next 15 minutes. My father-in-law could take the local transportation service daily to visit his wife when he chose. Julie was a godsend in helping us through this time and showing us quality care options.┬áRichard P. of Walled Lake

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