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“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested” – E.M. Forster

new_julie_blog_image_2016There is the potential for very difficult decisions to be thrust upon us about people at both ends of life’s spectrum. Sometimes we are called upon to make life and death decisions for those unable to care for themselves, whether as babies in neonatal intensive care situations or at the other end of life’s journey, with elderly parents who may not even be able to recognize us anymore. Neither case is easy. Both pull at us from many emotional and logical directions at once. We need help.

At the far end of the spectrum we are sometimes forced into the unwanted roles of caregiver and decision maker for the very people who brought us into the world and nurtured us into adulthood. When is it time for mom or dad (or both) to move out of the home that they’ve shared and loved for 40-50-60 years, who can help with that decision? What kinds of care will then need? What can they afford and where can you find such care at that price? Who can you trust with the care of someone in whom you’ve always trusted? We need help.

It’s at those moments when you need someone who brings the kind of passion to the task of helping find the right place that matches your passion for the job and someone who also brings the competence to the task to be able to match the needs of your loved one with the facility capable of meeting those needs. That is a tall order; but I have met such a person – Julie Haskins-White, the consultant and owner of Creative Eldercare Consultants, LLC. She can help.

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.” — E. M. Forster

Julie brings over 20 years of professional healthcare experience, including being at the Executive Director level at two major Southeastern Michigan Hospitals and extensive home health-care experience. But, it is her passion for the job that led Julie to give up the corporate life and pursue her dream of having her own company to deliver the best possible housing and care solutions to those loved ones at the end of life’s journey. As a business, she focuses upon referrals for assisted living, residential care homes, memory care and independent living with on-site services and home care; but, her passion is making the lives of the elderly better one life at a time by helping them make the right choices.

Julie’s associate in the business – Kari DeCarlo – brings over five years of Social Work experience, including nursing homes, group homes, and juvenile delinquency. In addition to her Social Work background, she also has a tremendous amount of experience working in the non-profit arena at the American Cancer Society, as a Corporate Events Manager.

Most of the time, the services that Julie offers are provided at no cost to the individual or their families. She is normally paid a referral fee by the institutions that she may end up finding as a match for the client’s needs. She is not affiliated with any of the institutions and so is free to make the choice based upon which one is the best match for the needs of her client. There are special cases where she may ask for a retainer fee. Sometimes she works with the client themselves; but much of the time she actually interfaces mainly with the families of the clients that she is trying to place, especially if the client’s mental condition has deteriorated. In either case, Julie believes her role is to be the client’s advocate first; to make sure that the clients get into the best possible facility for their needs.

The Creative Eldercare Consultants’ services include:

  • Doing an assessment of the client to determine social, financial and health care needs, as well as determining any geographic factors and preferences that will be in play
  • Working one-on-one with families to assist them with the delicate process of making a care/housing transition for a loved one
  • Scheduling and participating in tours of facilities and communities that may best suit the needs of the loved one
  • Post-placement follow-up to ensure satisfaction for both the client and the family

Currently the Creative Eldercare Consultants, LLC service areas include the Counties of Oakland, Livingston, Macomb, Washtenaw, Wayne, Genesee, Ingham, Shiawassee and the Tri-Cities.

The types of clients that Julie deals with on a daily basis include those who have been in an independent living community but who now face care needs and cost that exceed their means; couples where one spouse is ill or requires care beyond the means of the other to provide at home; couples who require an alternative long-term living option, perhaps with additional care for one or both; Individuals with placement needs whose income exceeds the income limit or asset limit set by the MI-Choice Medicaid Waiver Program; Individuals who require placements in an alternative setting, due to complex behavioral or medical issue; Adult children who are unable to assist their parents due to difficult work schedules or geographical location; and families that need immediate placement of a loved one.

Julie admits that she is a perfectionist in life and in business. She is also still active in competitive sports; perhaps because she also a passion for athletics and is very competitive in anything that she attempts. Her competitive nature from sports is balanced in her business by her compassion for the elderly and their families during a challenging crossroad in their lives. I suspect that she will appreciate why this quote may sum up what she is trying to achieve in life, sports and in her business:

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. – Vince Lombardi

So, if you are facing a tough situation yourself or on behalf of a loved one and need to find someone that you can trust; someone who brings passion and competence to the party; and someone who truly cares about making sure that you or your loved one has the best life possible; call Julie Haskins-White at Creative Eldercare Consultants, LLC – toll free at 800-355-8932.

Once you’ve met Julie, I believe that something amazing will happen for you, too; you’ll start sleeping easier at night, knowing that she is on the case.

By Norm Werner, author of NormsMilfordBlog (Used with permission)

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