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True Guardian Angel!

Julie, I don’t even know what to say to you other than you are my True Guardian Angel.  I cannot believe how much you helped me to get my parents together in such a critical time period.  It really was a race to the finish line.  But because of you they spent 2 1/2 weeks together of precious quality time.  Not separating the 2 of them after 50 years of marriage & not putting them in a nursing home to me as their daughter was absolutely huge.  Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.  I am forever grateful to you.  We need more people like you out there helping children who are desperate like myself to place and keep their families together.  Keep in touch.  I passed out all of your cards to people because I was so impressed with your kind generosity.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart.  My dad is resting in a much better place now knowing my mom is in excellent hands because of you.  Thanks, Jim, Andrea and Mackenzie

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